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Esprit's first-aid courses are all certified through SOLO. To find out more about this organization, check out their web site at: www.soloschools.com

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 Wilderness Medical Training

Despite the care and pre-planning that goes into private outdoor adventures and commercially guided programs, accidents can and still do happen. It is unfortunate that all too often groups are not adequately trained to provide emergency care outside the range of calling *911. Not only does this lead to improper care of the patient, it also endangers the remaining members of the group. Most accidents that happen in the backcountry are preventable, however, when accidents do happen - improper care can compound even the simplest of injuries. That is why it's essential for all outdoor enthusiasts, professional guides and wilderness leaders to gain specialized training in wilderness medicine; training which stresses preparedness and prevention; training which encompasses all phases of backcountry emergencies; training which focuses on care issues in prolonged transport.

Esprit is host to SOLO wilderness first aid programs. Offering the Wilderness First Aid (WFA), Wilderness First Responder (WFR) and Canada's first W- EMT (Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician) course, Esprit continues to push the accepted standards for patient care in wilderness environments. These programs are recommended for anyone who loves being active in the outdoors, is a wilderness leader or commercial guide. Invest in yourself!

Wilderness First Aid (2 Day)

Wilderness First Aid (2 Day)

The WFA (16 hour) wilderness first aid course provides a foundation of first aid with a focus on long-term patient care. This course is ideal for camp counselors, day/overnight trip leaders and anyone who enjoys spending time in the outdoors. More »

Advanced Wilderness First Aid (4 Day)

Advanced Wilderness First Aid (4 Day)

The AWFA expands upon the core emergency care concepts of the WFA program by incorporating more trauma and medical emergencies which are likely to be encountered in the wilderness. This course is ideal for outdoor educators, trip leaders (2-4 days), adventure camp counselors and river guides. More »

Wilderness First Responder (8 Days)

Wilderness First Responder (8 Days)

The WFR course is designed to provide outdoor professionals with the essential knowledge necessary to handle crises in remote locations. The course is designed to meet the US DOT (Department of Transportation) First Responder curriculum with the additional wilderness protocols for extended care situations, traumatic medical and environmental emergencies and their appropriate interventions. The WFR course has become the "de facto" recognized standard for first aid training amongst outdoor professionals. More »

Wilderness EMT-B (1 Month)

Wilderness EMT-B (1 Month)

The Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician (WEMT) is the ultimate level of emergency medical training for wilderness expedition leaders. The WEMT is an intensive month long training program designed (170+ hours) which combines the US DOT (Department of Transportation) EMT curriculum with wilderness specific medical training that focuses on long term patient care. This course is ideal for outdoor professionals leading remote wilderness expeditions. More »

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