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Swiftwater Rescue

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New! Rescue for River Runners (R3)      Certifications

Rescue for River Runners (R3) Certifications

We are pleased to be part of a new stream of rescue courses designed specifically for the paddling community. The NEW Rescue for River Runners (R3-Rec and R3-Pro) have been developed by paddlers for paddlers and are offered as 2 separate 2 day and 3 day courses respectively.

The Rescue 3 International Water Rescue Technician courses were designed to help rescuers aid others and at the same time help themselves. These courses are not clinics or workshops but are comprehensive, competency based certification programs.

Each course is delivered with a minimum of class time; skills are developed on the riverbank and in the water! This Internationally Recognized certification is essential for kayakers, open boaters, rafters, commercial guides, and or anyone who lives, recreates or works near moving water.

These courses have been developed by a group of active professionals from organizations responsible for search and rescue, river guiding, whitewater kayaking/canoeing, lifesaving, police and fire fighting services.

Combining over 100 years of swiftwater experience, Rescue 3 has made a dedicated full time commitment to moving water safety and its evolution.

NEWLY FORMATTED COURSES FOR RIVER RUNNERS! Include both Certification from Rescue 3 International as well as Certificate of Participation from ACA (American Canoe Association)!

Rescue For River Runners Recreational (R3-Rec)

Rescue For River Runners Recreational (R3-Rec)

R3-Rec course is designed as an introduction to river rescue for professional guide, private boaters, canoe trippers and others who work or play around moving water. You will learn to use techniques and simple equipment to assess and perform river rescues securely and effectively. Presented in a new 2-day format, this course focuses on realistic problems that you may face... More»


R3-Pro (Rescue for River Runners - Professional)

R3-Pro (Rescue for River Runners - Professional)

This three day course, builds upon the skills learned R3-Rec. The R3-Pro course concentrates on further developing advanced water rescue skills, including advanced entrapment techniques, advanced pins and wraps, As well as access issues such as basic raising and lowering techniques. It emphasizes victim rescue and recovery and sharpens rescue skills taught in R3 Rec... More»


Whitewater Rescue Technician - Level 1 & 2 (Advanced)

Whitewater Rescue Technician - Level 1 & 2 (Advanced)

WRT 1 and 2 have now been replaced by Rescue For River Runners Recreational (R3-Rec) and Professional (R3-Pro) to better suit the recreational and professional whitewater industry.



Contract Courses Available Upon Request Contract Courses Available Upon Request


Esprit is a world renown leader, innovator and provider of water rescue training for the commercial and recreational whitewater industries. All courses are offered by Esprit in association with Raven Rescue Ltd. and Rescue 3 International. Contact jim@whitewater.ca for more info.


Raven Rescue Ltd.

For additional information about other Rescue 3 courses in other parts of Canada (ice, flood and vertical rescue) please contact Raven Rescue Ltd. at www.ravenrescue.com or