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National Geographic Adventure Survey Results

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Esprit Ranked #1 overall for “Best Outfitters on Earth” in 2008 by National Geographic Adventure Online!

In May 2007 Esprit received an invitation by National Geographic adventure magazine to participate in the world's first large-scale rating of adventure tour operators. Coincidently this email arrived one day after we had just finalized the design and printing of Esprit's official eco-policy. So with the eco-policy in hand, Esprit owner Jim Coffey (and all available staff) set about responding to the survey.

As a part of the National Geographic Society, National Geographic Adventure has their own unique take on travel. Although they appreciate fine meals and exotic locations, they are also interested in outfitters who push the frontiers of discovery and adventure and give back to the planet. The premise of the survey was to help their readers not necessarily decide where to go but who to go with. Over 200 outfitters were surveyed in the categories of Education, Sustainability, Quality of Service and Spirit of Adventure.

The comprehensive survey consisted of 28 questions and outfitters were scored in each of these main categories with scores between 1 and 100.

Here's how Esprit scored in more detail:

  National Geographic Adventure:  Travel Ratings for Esprit
• Sustainability
Screenshot from National Geographic Adventure Online.
Esprit was judged on their practices for protecting the cultural and natural heritage of the planet as well as the extent to which these practices help to benefit local communities. With a 100% rating Esprit is the world leader in eco-sustainability practices.
• Score: 100%


• Spirit of Adventure
Screenshot from National Geographic Adventure Online.
This category determines the degree to which Esprit's trips introduce guests to innovative experiences in emerging areas as well as the level of outdoor physical activity. Really this category is about how much "fun" a programs is... Esprit trips really are A LOT of fun!
• Score: 100%


• Quality of Service
Screenshot from National Geographic Adventure Online.
How well Esprit takes care of its guests from gear to accommodations to developing solid emergency plans.
• Score: 97%


• Client Experience
Screenshot from National Geographic Adventure Online.
Several Esprit guests were interviewed directly by National Geographic to give their feedback on Esprit's quality of service, adventure and sustainability.
• Score: 95%


• Education
Screenshot from National Geographic Adventure Online.
This category determines the extent to which Esprit's guests learn about the geology, culture and history of the trip destination from their guides and locals as well as the extent of pre and post trip information.
• Score: 94%


Here's a screenshot from National Geographic Adventures main page that featured Esprit. All this, plus being the World's #1 rated whitewater company on Earth! Call Esprit toll-free today for more information. 1-800-596-7238