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Meet Our Instructors

Meet Our Instructors

The instructional branch of Esprit is one of Canada's leading whitewater training and certification organizations. All of Esprit's instructors are considered professionals in their field. Esprit offers courses in whitewater guiding, wilderness first aid, leave no trace, swiftwater rescue and kayaking. Each instructor has nationally or internationally recognized teaching certifications for their specialty as well as a wealth of experience in the discipline!

Jim Coffey

Jim Coffey - “JC”

Founder & Director

"I chose this industry for the travel, people and places as well as the message and benefits that quality eco-tourism can provide."

Hometown: Davidson, Pontiac County, QC
Hobbies/Interests: whitewater, rivers, tourism, sustainability
Favourite Food: The Esprit Ultimate BBQ
Favourite rivers: The Ottawa, Kipawa and Magnetawan
Places Traveled: I have worked in 35 different countries… the list goes on and on…
Training/Education: In 1984 I took “a year off” of university seeking fame and fortune as a whitewater/eco-adventure travel guide. As fortune remains elusive I have instead gained a considerable amount of notoriety by founding Esprit.

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Lalo Ruiz

Lalo Ruiz

Position: Head Guide, Trip Leader

Quote: "Is there bear poop in the forest?"
Passionate About: Tacos, kayaking, travelling, multiday whitewater trips and creeking with friends.
Places Traveled: Canada, US, Costa Rica, Panama, Brazil, Spain, France, Switzerland and Germany.
Why Esprit?: I work for Esprit because I like the proffesionlism of the whitewater Esprit trips and I enjoy guiding on the Ottawa river as well as guiding kayaking trips in Mexico or Costa Rica during the winter.

Martin Breu

Martin Breu

Position: Raft Guide and Canoe Instructor

Quote: "Everyone must believe in something. I believe I'll go paddling!"
Passionate About: Whitewater and Skiing!
Places Traveled: Canada, Nepal, Japan, Costa Rica, Panama, US, and all over Europe.
Why Esprit?: I love to work for Esprit because i get to work with some of the most amazing people I know and because our two channel day trips are simply the best rafting trips on the Ottawa River!

Karine Corriveau

Karine Corriveau

Position: Raft Guide and Kayak Instructor

Quote: "When you really want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."
- P.Coelho
Passionate About: Aside from her interesting profession, which is saving lives, Karine is also certified with the WILD program. She has discovered a beautiful passion for all whitewater sports. In summer 2010, she represented Canada at the Pan-American rafting games in Brazil and came back with 5 medals around her neck and the pride of a Pan-American champion.
Places Traveled: Karine is a globe trotter, always traveling to new destinations in search of new adventures. She has paddled over 70 rivers in 10 different countries all of which have a special place in her heart.
Why Esprit?: She chose Esprit, because it gives her the perfect balance between her professional job and the passionate outdoor adventure work.